*The long and short of real estate is sales.*

Sometimes, some people go for months without being offered anything and can naturally lead to discouragement. Feast and famine is practically the order of the industry. Therefore it is crucial that you break through this feeling to land your million naira deal for the entire year. You should also have the belief that it can be done.


Motivating yourself is essential because in real estate, it is your personality almost more than anything else that counts. Reputation travels fast and most success stories hinge on recommendation. Good impression most times  brings more leads as more clients will want you to serve them and that is the more reason why it is very important that you feel on top of your field even in times when things don’t go as planned.


A regular real estate pattern is a party and famine. The famine part may be very hard  to sustain your energy for the party period but the party part comes to anyone who is prepared for it and that is why retaining your motivation is important as it will also help you to go the extra mile for leads and clients and it is always worth while.

 *YOU ARE SELF EMPLOYED:* You are your own boss, you can decide when to be in or out. To enjoy this, you will have to motivate, drive and discipline yourself.

 *BOTTOM LINE :* The fact is that success in business, especially the real estate industry is a marathon. Maintaining a stable level of motion can be tough but it is your primary-if not the way to success.


1. Recognise your progress.

2. Get a successful mentor.

3. Coordinate your time.

Know what you are doing as a Realtor, you have to start knowing what you are really doing in the real estate industry. You can start by starting to set target, next is choose your market, don’t just market, really market well and be ready for business and always grow weekly be it in recruiting or making sales. Remember what I always say, no marketing no sales.

 *Best of the success Realtors

*HECTARE*A hectare is one of the least known metric units and one which potential buyers and Estate developers seem to struggle with – 
It is a land measuring:


?100m x 100m OR 


?328ft x 328ft OR 


?10,000 sqm OR


?Two and half acres OR 


?15 plots.

*PLOT*In Lagos State, the standard size of a plot is 60ft x 120ft (18m x 36m i.e. 648 sqm), while in some other cities of the country, plots are measured in 50ft x 100ft.However, plot size of most of the estates we market for is 600sqm.This is basically because they have to make allowance for infrastructures on the estate which include  road network within the estate, sewages, playground and other facilities to be provided.


Most people who purchase land in Lagos and elsewhere don’t really understand the meaning of these Real Estate terms. As a potential buyer wishing to buy a land or build a new house you must be conversant with a few of these figures. The first hurdle is to understand the system of Land measurement in Nigeria.

In Nigeria today, Land is measured in Hectares, Acres, Meters and Feet. These measurements are affected by factors, which include development pattern, human and environmental factors.[8/10, 11:17 AM] Mr David Umana: 4⃣ *ACRE*An Acre is a standard unit of measurement used by Land sellers and it is almost equivalent to the size of a standard football field. An Acre is a product of any rectangular plot of land giving a total of:


?4,046sqm OR 


?43,560 sq ft OR 


?6 plots (each measuring 60ft x 120ft)

Let’s start by asking what is the size of a standard plot in Nigeria?
According to the dictionary meaning of a plot: A plot is a marked out piece of Land for the purpose of building or farming. The word ‘plot’ is an arbitrary term used to describe a land division carved out for property development.

The size of a plot can vary for different reasons but according to Nigeria’s land division, the appropriate plot for a house construction is 50 x 100ft which can accommodate a standard house with a small compound. To better understand land divisions used in Nigeria, different units of area are used as follows:

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