✓ *Notebook*

Have a small notebook to take down names of prospects or possible leads you’ve gotten so far.Draw a tabular form…their names date you spoke to them and feedback they have given you so far (to enable you know when to contact them).

Just like everyother person they have a busy schedule and a lot on their minds…so you have to follow up from time to time…

✓ *SMS (as reminder)* 

You could send goodmorning text messages…happy new week text messages etc.Occasionally put a call across to them ask them when they would be free to go for Site Inspection… Emphasize more on the fact that it’ site inspection”…a driver and Official car is available to take both of you to the Site once you make it to the Office.

✓ *Free Site Inspection*

We Offer Free Site Inspection Everyday of the week, including Saturdays and Sundays, incase they come up with the excuse of being busy on weekdays…(kindly inform us on time)

✓ *Moderation* 

But in all let there be moderation(don’t overcall, don’t over text either) so you won’t seem desperate.Forward videos and documents (Survey, Layout, FAQ and Land Application form) of the Estates you wish to market to them either via watsap or email address as the case may be (I believe we all received them on our mail?)

✓ *Social media ..a powerful tool for Marketing*

Share  the fliers via your WhatsApp story, FB page, Instagram account etc…you never know who might be interested.

✓ *Advertise on Jiji*

Place adverts on Jiji…a Consultant on this forum got a Client from an advert he placed on Jiji…the Client contacted him with the number he used in placing the advert…and that was all.Consultant called and made arrangements for Site Inspection. Client was satisfied with what he saw and that was it…Deal Closed!!!


, don’t forget other platforms too like Nairaland, Nigeria Property Centre, PropertyPro, Private Property and lots more.We will always say, if you don’t market, you can’t close deals. This is the first move. 

✓ *WhatsApp Stories*

We have all witnessed people advertise their products on WhatsApp stories…it could be jewelleries, hairs, perfumes, cosmetics..some of us have patronised lots of People through watsap stories…how much is this? *Note* all the seller did was to display his or her products on WhatsApp story…same technique can be applied in marketing lands and properties…put up fliers and videos with short captivating captions on your WhatsApp story, instagram, FB page etc.

✓ *Frequently Asked Questions…FAQ*

Go through the  FAQ for each Estate, be sure to know all d answers to each questions, so you can readily answer once your Client asks any questions…If he asks the size of an estate or location for instance.. and you tell him to hold on that you will answer him soon…he won’t take you seriouslyYou have to be prepared at all times.

✓ *Website and Office Address*

Remember to inform them about our website if they seem to be in doubt, and immediately notify the office that you gave a client our address, just incase he visits without telling you. 
*Instant Plot Allocation and Proximity*Once payments for land is made, Clients get their Documents that same day! Proximity of the Estate your marketing matters a lot! Please go through the Fliers once more.

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