*Here is why…*

That ‘idiot’ acknowledges that he knows nothing, he submits himself to learn, he is coachable, he has a mentor “for instance, Overhplus mentor over 60,000 Realtors”  being coachable means being teachable, that is where he wishes to be, he follows instructions and bang!!!, he wins big!
However, you on the other hand think you know everything, you are arrogant towards learning, you are not open to seeing things from a different lens, you are stereotypic, you are self sufficient in your thoughts, no one is good enough to teach you anything because you know it all.

While you were there second guessing, perusing and over analyzing, that “idiot” *took massive action*. 


you have the reasons why that “idiot” is rich and you are not.

My friend, *old keys will never open new doors and you can’t create a solution with the same mindset that created the problem*.

The key is wealth-friendly, upsidedown thinking. Stick with all the old money making rules (like taking a higher paying job to be able to save more money) and stay broke. *Break them and get rich*.

*Be open to learning the new rules of money, ditch the old rules and you will win.*


Money is not earned through magic.
It is a deliberate exercise of


2. Work✍?
3. patience✍?
4. Care✍?
5.  Accumulation of returns and Reinvestment✍?“`

Blame no One For your Success or Failure in Life, Everything is up to you…There’s no skill that you can’t learn, there’s no job that you can’t do, is up to you.

When your MIND is weak, a situation becomes difficult, When your MIND is not balanced, the situation becomes a CHALLENGE. 

But when your MIND is strong, that situation becomes an OPPORTUNITY.

*It’s all a MIND GAME.*
Be strong and achieve something today. 

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